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Our vintage children’s kitchen units, doll’s cookers and matching accessories have been known and loved for decades worldwide: by children and enthusiasts alike. For playing or as a decorative collector's item – and, last but not least, for cooking. In recent years, a proper scene has emerged that conjures up delicious dishes using our fully functional vintage doll’s cookers.

Be inspired by our impressive miniature world and our authentic vintage toys.

To guarantee we meet the high expectations placed upon our products, we have been manufacturing all of them in Zirndorf, Germany, since 1928. This additionally ensures that we always supply products of the highest quality, "Made in Germany", and comply with the latest European directives, CE standards and ISO certificates.

Vintage doll’s cookers and kitchen units

Our doll’s cookers in 1:6 and 1:12 scale are real gems – and fully functional of course: all the oven doors and compartments can be opened. But a real highlight is that you can really cook on our 1:6 scale cookers: using a safety burner for ESBIT solid fuel cubes and a fully functional 40 ml tapped water container. 

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Metal money boxes

Who said saving means going without? Saving is actually twice as much fun with our vintage metal money boxes: not only because you have saved something for a rainy day, but, and above all, because you have added a wonderful decorative element with a classic 1960s design to your home.

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Children’s baking accessories

Child-friendly baking sets for young master bakers: From cake pans and cookie cutters to mixing bowls, rolling pins and pastry wheels – we offer miniature products to meet every baker’s needs.

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Children’s cookware

Wherever there is a doll’s cooker, there is a need for children’s cookware. Thanks to our amazing range of miniature products, from cooking utensils and cutlery to pots, pans, milk churns and kettles, budding cooks can prepare meals with real ingredients.

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