Children’s cookware

Budding cooks can use our pots and pans to prepare real meals using real ingredients. Our range offers everything budding caterers need to get started. Cutlery trays, starter sets with plates and cutlery, wooden spoons and much more besides. It's never been easier for children to cook their first three-course meal.

Our food-safe cooking utensils are heat resistant up to 150°C and equipped with non-flammable plastic handles to ensure safe use. The wooden spoons are made of top-quality beechwood. It goes without saying that all our children’s cookware products are tested to the strict European safety standard EN 71, CE certified and comply fully with ISO standards. When it comes to packaging and manufacturing, we are committed to top quality and environmental sustainability.

All our pots and pans are suitable for gas, electric and induction cookers.

Children’s cooking pot sets

These miniature, aluminium cooking pot sets have a plain and traditionally functional design. Besides various cooking pots, the range also includes sieves, milk churns and cake pans. Basically everything a professional kitchen whether big or small requires!

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Colourful children’s cooking pot sets

Our colourful children’s cooking pot sets are made of tin-plated, printed sheet metal and available in many variations: from traditional patterns to playful and amusing images. There’s something for every taste and purpose. In addition to cooking pots and pans, our range of products also includes kettles that naturally whistle very loudly!

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Children’s cookware sets

These sets provide everything young cooks need: Cooking utensils and cutlery, plates. Pans, cooking pots, cake pan, sieve and cutlery tray – no wish remains unfulfilled. Each piece is made of top-quality aluminium/sheet metal with plastic handles to ensure maximum safety.

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Cutlery, wooden spoons, milk churns, wooden boards and co.

Even the best cook will struggle without the right "tools". If you want to serve up a sensational dish, you will need wooden spoons for stirring, a wooden board for chopping, a ladle, a whisk, a spatula and much more besides. We offer young cooks everything they require for the next kitchen project.

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