Cooking artistry: everything you need for baking in miniature

“If you want to bake a cake, you need seven things”: Besides eggs and lard, sugar and salt, young bakers obviously need child-friendly baking sets.

Our cake pans are made of tin-plated sheet metal and partially designed with a Teflon non-stick coating. We also offer silicone muffin and cupcake moulds. Besides traditional cake pans and cupcake moulds, creative shapes, such as butterflies and bears, simply add to the fun in a doll’s kitchen and at children’s tea time.

Thanks to our spoons, rolling pins and pastry wheels made of top-quality beechwood and the colourful plastic cookie cutters and handy plastic mixing bowls, you have everything you need for baking.


Cake pans

Bake like your parents do: our children’s cake pans made of tin-plated sheet metal for flan bases, traditional ring-shaped cakes or as a real springform pan produce perfect results every time in miniature.

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Wooden baking accessories

Stylish baking accessories for young master bakers: Our spoons, rolling pins, pastry wheels and boards made of beechwood transform doll’s kitchens into cosy pastry shops.

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Shaped cake pans

Passionate bakers love to experiment. A must for anyone with a sweet tooth is our range of shaped miniature cake pans. To ensure nothing sticks and everything comes out looking perfect, our shaped cake pans are designed with a Teflon non-stick coating.

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Plastic baking accessories

Our cookie cutters are available in many colours and shapes and guarantee small crunchy treats in every kitchen: bird, heart, moon, star, butterfly, car, mushroom and elephant offer hours of baking fun, and not just around Christmas time.

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Silicone cupcake moulds

Our mini-muffins and doll’s cupcakes are to baking what tartlets are to the world of pastry chefs. Available in many different colours and shapes, our silicone cupcake moulds are ideal for the small ones to enjoy miniature baking.

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Baking sets

Our baking sets contain everything that young bakers need to take their first steps in the kitchen. Wooden spoons, wooden board, rolling pin and cookie cutters ensure a child’s first baking experience is a memorable one.

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Metal baking accessories

Our metal baking accessories are easy to clean and care for. And not just that: thanks to their timeless design, our miniature, aluminium, 1/4 or 1/8-litre milk churns are, for example, a real eye-catcher. 

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