Corner kitchen "Lady"

Our metal corner kitchen – lovingly referred to as (old) "Lady" – was developed over 50 years ago as a promotional gift for the German household appliance producer Bauknecht. Over the years, we have become very fond of the shape and design of our vintage cooker which are as good now as they were back in the day. Much to the delight of our customers who also regularly fall in love with the classic kitchen from the days of Germany`s Economic Miracle.

A particular highlight is that this kitchen is also fully functional. Real cooking is possible using the safety burner for ESBIT solid fuel cubes, all the oven doors and compartments open and close and cooking pots or the sink can be filled with water from the water container.

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Metal corner kitchen "Lady"


ESBIT solid fuel cubes

Enjoy a real cooking experience with our "Lady". Naturally using a safety burner to make sure nothing gets burned – outside the pan at least!

Tried-and-tested ESBIT solid fuel cubes are the fuel of choice.
The solid fuel cubes were first launched by the southern German company Erich Schumm back in 1936. The name ESBIT is taken from the first letters of the company’s name and the German words for solid fuel cubes "Erich Schumms Brennstoff in Tablettenform".

Cooking with our „Lady”

Klassische Italienische Küche im Miniaturformat: Wir kochen Pasta mit frischer Tomatensoße in unserer Metall-Eckküche „Lady”.

Functions provided by our "Lady"

Just like our other vintagedoll’s cookers, "Lady" is fully functional for maximum play and cooking fun – and, in terms of equipment, it is even better than our usual high standards.

A real cooking experience with our "Lady"

Just like our vintage cookers in 1:6 scale, the corner kitchen "Lady" is equipped with an ESBIT safety burner, which can be used to prepare small meals. And that is not meant in a disrespectful way, as there is literally no limit to your ambitions: our miniature cookers provide both experienced and younger cooks with the opportunity to create fine dishes in miniature: from scrambled eggs and roast pork to grilled shrimps in tempura, everything really is possible.

And the water flows

And like every honest-to-goodness kitchen of the German Miracle period, the "Lady" is equipped with a water container in a traditional boiler design. It is a real water container with a small tap that supplies water for cooking. A special detail is the sink beneath the boiler that can also be filled with water. This gives eager hobby cooks the chance to do the washing up and enhances the overall play experience!