Doll’s cookers

The highlights of our product range are the lovingly created, fully functional doll’s kitchens and vintage cookers available in 1:6 or 1:12 scale. Both scales come with opening oven doors and compartments.

Particularly special are our kitchens in 1:6 scale that can even be used for real cooking: the cooker can be fired up to temperature using a safety burner for ESBIT solid fuel cubes. Up to 40 ml of water can be drawn from the tap thanks to the integrated water container.

All our vintage cookers are available as a hand painted and full metal version for discerning collectors or as a less expensive partial metal variant that comes with a few high-quality plastic elements for daily use in playrooms.

We offer an extensive range of matching pots, pans, cake pans, milk churns and many more accessories for our kitchens and cookers.

Quality is important to us. Therefore, all our products are CE and ISO certified and are routinely tested and further developed. In terms of the applied materials and packaging, we pay attention to their ability to be recycled and to how environmentally friendly they are.

Miniature vintage doll’s cookers 1:12

The cookers in 1:12 scale are our smallest "miniature’ version – but their finish is just as elaborate and stunning as the bigger 1:6 scale models. Needless to say, all the oven doors and compartments on these models can be fully opened and closed. 

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Miniature vintage doll’s cookers 1:6

Our metal doll’s cookers are a real eye-catcher in every respect – and as close to reality as a toy can get. You can really cook and fry with the safety burner for ESBIT solid fuel cubes. Drinking water can be drawn from the 40 ml tapped water container. And the beautiful and detailed design of the vintage cookers is loved by children and collectors alike.

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Doll’s corner kitchen 1:6

Our "Lady" – a metal corner kitchen – has had the same shape and design for over 50 years. A real classic from the days of Germany's Economic Miracle. This kitchen is also fully functional and comes with a safety burner for ESBIT solid fuel cubes, a water container, a tap and a sink.

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Functions provided by doll’s cookers 1:6

Real cooking

Our vintage cookers in 1:6 scale and our corner kitchen "Lady" are designed not only for playing but also for a real cooking experience. Naturally using a safety burner to make sure nothing gets burned.

Tried-and-tested ESBIT solid fuel cubes are the fuel of choice. The solid fuel cubes were first launched by the southern German company Erich Schumm back in 1936. The name ESBIT is taken from the first letters of the company’s name and the German words for solid fuel cubes "Erich Schumms Brennstoff in Tablettenform".

40 ml water container

"Lady" and our doll’s kitchens in 1:6 scale are equipped with real water containers. Water can be drawn directly from the small tap for cooking.

Beneath its boiler, "Lady" even features a sink that can be filled with water. This gives eager hobby cooks the chance to also do the washing up!


It is not just the real stove that makes our doll’s kitchens in 1:6 scale suitable for cooking – thanks to a real tap, there is also a water supply for cooking and washing up. The water is drawn from a container that can hold up to 40 ml.

Beneath the tap, "Lady" additionally features a sink that can be filled with this water.


All our doll’s cookers are equipped with fully functional doors and compartments. Cabinets and ovens can be fully opened and and closed again.

In kitchens with a full metal design, the cabinet doors and oven compartments are naturally also made of metal. On the less expensive versions with a partial metal design, the doors and compartments are made of high-quality plastic.